What Clients Say

“We started working with Mark when we were just entering our retirement and were concerned about our long-term financial situation. Mark sat down with us to really understand our lifestyle, aspirations and even our fears, and then built a financial plan for us that took all of this into consideration. Having a strategy in place has brought me tremendous peace of mind. Mark meets with us regularly and is never too busy to discuss any questions I might have. It’s really nice to have someone we truly trust in our corner.”

“I was going through a huge life transition when I first met with Mark. Recently divorced, I was a newly single parent raising two kids. I had just sold our family home and had no idea where to begin in terms of managing my finances. Mark not only worked with me to create a solid financial plan and make smart investment decisions but he also brought in other resources I didn’t even think about. With Mark’s help, I set up an education savings plan for my kids and made sure I had the right insurance in place. Five years later, my daughter is entering university and I feel empowered and confident about my future.”

“Mark can definitely be proud of the stellar reputation he has built for himself in the financial planning and investment industry. He has earned this distinction both among his peers, as well as his clients. For over 22 years, Mark has been managing, directing and supervising our savings and investments. There has never been a day when either my husband or I couldn't reach Mark for financial assistance of any kind! Mark Shimkovitz is a natural in a very competitive financial industry. He loves working with and investing his clients’ money, and, for him financial security for all of us is the ultimate reward that he receives when our well-planned individual goals are reached.”
–Leslie and Marvin Kirsh

The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.
Benjamin Graham